What’s in a name?

The origin of the word ‘endeavour’ means to ‘do one’s utmost’.
But how do we do this & where do we begin?

Our passion at Endeavour Group is to help people get the important information, encouragement and wisdom they need to make real progress in their vocational journeys. We have a wealth of resources to share via training courses, workshops, mentoring, coaching and consultancy services. We want to see people equipped with the right knowledge and understanding; to be filled with hope; and to be better placed to achieve their potential.


Endeavour Group. Because… your vocation matters.



John Fabrin
Endeavour Group

Time is one of the most valuable resources we are given, so what we decide to ‘spend our time on’ is of the utmost importance.
We are
all unique. When you think about it no one else can occupy the very same place and space at the very same time as you.
It makes sense that while our journeys may be similar, our contribution to the world will be unique…and perhaps far reaching.

Endeavour is here to help you identify important aspects of your uniqueness stop watch macro

– e.g. the way that you’re wired; your values, aspirations, talents and skills; and then explore with you how these align with various vocations.


It’s not all easy!

We recognise that most people at various points in their vocational journeys will experience periods of frustration, confusion and other difficulties. This is not unusual. We live in a complex and imperfect world and so if we are aiming to live with a sense of purpose and real contentment it will require hard work… sometimes blood, sweat and tears. The good news is there are people and resources available to help get you through these difficult times. Sometimes it just needs knowledge, and at other times a deeper understanding and real wisdom to bring light to the matter.
Endeavour is here to help you in these challenging times.


The whole matter of vocation can seem quite mysterious.

At Endeavour we recognise that there is no perfect science that can be used to prescribe exactly what you should be
doing at each and every stage of your vocational path… so we have brought together many resources that can be of
enormous assistance with ‘navigating your journey’. Whether you are just starting out, or have been searching for years
to understand your vocation – we can help.


Endeavour Group Charitable Trust encompasses a Christian worldview and works collaboratively with a range of professionals to provide specialist education, workshops, training courses, mentoring and consultancy services.

Our Vision is to provide environments of nurture, collaboration and hope; where people gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom; to propel them forward in their vocational journeys.

Endeavour will share with you many important concepts and show you how to access practical tools to assist you to progress in your vocational journey.


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